All American Rejects



Rising Star 2008

For the All-American Rejects, the road to When the World Comes Down, their third long form musical offering, has been anything but a straight line. Beyond a band, AAR is comprised of four friends who discovered one another and scored the American dream. Tyson and Nick founded the group and released the EP Same Girl, New Songs in the summer of 2001. Mike and Chris joined in 2002 and the quartet hit stores with their self-titled long play debut, The All-American Rejects on October 15, scoring commercial success with the single Swing Swing. They toured tirelessly and in July 2005, presented their fans with Move Along, a breakout effort featuring three smash hits Dirty Little Secret, It Ends Tonight and the LP’s inspiring anthemic title track. Songs like Believe, an homage to a fallen friend, Another Heart Calls, AAR’s first duet with The Pierces, Hope It Gives You Hell, written on road trip to Vancouver, Falling Apart and Damn Girl, illustrate seasoned composition, vintage production and a fierce, experimental spirit that contemporary fans beyond the Rejects’ base will wholeheartedly embrace. “I want this record to be more than just good for us, I want it to be good for our fans,” insists Ty. “In the end, we’re just a band – close friends who care deeply about what we do. I’m no rock star or hometown hero. I’m just a nobody. And like the song says, you’re nobody ‘till somebody loves you.”